Eligibility Criteria and Process for Obtaining an F2B Visa?

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) annually issues several Immigrant Visas to Green Card Holders and U.S. Citizens Spouses, Children, Parents, Siblings, and other family members to bring them closer to their family and loved ones.

It is important to understand the type of Immediate Relative Visa and Immigrant Visa you are applying for, especially its eligibility criteria, documents required, and process to ensure a successful outcome.

This blog will provide you with information about F2B Visa Eligibility criteria and the application process so you have sufficient knowledge while applying.

What is an F2B Visa?

The F2B Visa is a Family Preference Visa issued to unmarried adult children (age 21 and above) of Green Card Holders. It issues them a Green Card to allow them to live and work in the U.S.

There are two options with an F2 Visa: F2A and F2B. There is an annual cap on F2 Visa. Around 114,200 F2 Visas are issued annually by USCIS, of which 70% are offered to qualified F2A Visa applicants and the rest to F2B Visa applicants.

The following are the Primary fees involved in obtaining an F2B Visa:

  • US $535 Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative Form) Fee
  • US $325 DS-260 Fee
  • US $120 Affidavit of Support Fee
  • US $220 USCIS Fee
  • Medical Examination and Vaccination Fee

F2B Visa Eligibility

Like every Immigrant Visa, there are specific eligibility criteria that applicants must fulfill to obtain an F2B Visa. First and foremost, the applicant must be above 21 years of age and older and unmarried.

The individual must be a lawful child of the Green Card Holder (Sponsor), file a DS-260 Form, and submit required documents. If the applicant gets married before acceptance of the petition, the application will be rejected.

The F2B Visa Sponsor must be:

  • A Green Card Holder (Lawful Permanent Resident of U.S.)
  • Living in the United States and have a valid address in the U.S.
  • Lawful Parent of the individual they are filing a petition for

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Documents Required for F2B Visa

Applicants and Sponsorer must keep the following list of documents and proof ready before applying for an F2B Visa to speed up the process:

  • A valid passport for six months after the applicant's planned entry into the United States
  • Two Passport-size Photographs
  • Copy of a valid birth or adoption certificate
  • Copy of confirmation page of Form DS-260
  • Copy of signed Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support from U.S. Petitioner)
  • Copy of Medical Examination Report and Vaccination Documents
  • Copy of divorce or annulment certificate if the applicant has been married before to prove their marriage was legally terminated.
  • Copy of Military certificate if the applicant has served in military or armed forces
  • Court or Criminal Records, if any

Apart from the documents mentioned above, you might be asked to submit additional documents by USCIS, NVC, or your local Embassy/Consulate Office during the Interview process.

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F2B Visa Application Process

The application process for F2B consists of several steps. First, the sponsor (Green Card Holder) must fill out the petition Form I-130 and send it to USCIS. After the petition is accepted, the applicant can start the F2B Visa Application Procedure, which is as follows:

  • After USCIS receives the petition, they review it and sends it to NVC (National Visa Center) for further processing.
  • Once NVC receives your petition form and documents, they will send a package to the beneficiary containing further processing steps.
  • Once the Visa application slot is available, the applicant can begin the process by completing Form DS-260 and submitting it online along with the required documents mentioned in the package.
  • Once the NVC receives your package, they review it. You must undergo a Medical Examination.
  • After that, the applicant must attend the Interview at their Local U.S. Embassy or Consulate Office. They are required to carry the requested documents, including Medical Examination and Vaccination Report.
  • The Interviewer asks general questions regarding the Visa and might request additional documents that you must submit to the Interview office.
  • After the Interview, if your application is approved, you will receive a sealed packet that must be opened only by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers at the Port of Entry.

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After reading the blog, you will have a good understanding of what an F2B visa is, its eligibility criteria, the fees involved, the documents required, and the application process. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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