E1 And E2 Treaty Visas: What Are They and Their Differences

You need to obtain the relevant business visas if you are looking to set up or grow your business in the US. The E1 visa is for a treaty trader and the E2 is for a treaty investor. However, to qualify for either of them, an applicant should be a member of one of the treaty countries. A treaty country is one with which the United States maintains an agreement of commerce and trade.

In this blog, we explain the requirements of these visas, while we outline some differences between the two.

What Is The E1 Visa And Who Qualifies? 

The E1 or the treaty trader visa qualifies a foreign national to engage in the trade of goods and services with the United States. Items of trade include but are not limited to banking, insurance, technology, tourism, and transportation. 

The applicant should carry on substantial trade with the US.  More than 50% of international trade should occur between the treaty country and the US.

What Is The E2 Visa And Who Qualifies? 

To qualify for the E2 visa, the foreign national of a treaty country is admitted to the United States to start and grow their business operations here. The applicant must invest a substantial amount of capital in a bona fide enterprise. You must be a national of a treaty investor country and should solely develop and direct the enterprise through at least 50% of ownership.

The biggest advantage of this visa type is that you can file an E2 extension for an indefinite period, for as long as the business is in practice.

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How are E1 And E2 Visas Different? 

  • A treaty trader applicant should be the same nationality as the principal alien employer (who must have nationality of the treaty country). However, an E2 investor must be a national of the treaty country only.
  • The international trade must be sufficient to ensure a continuous flow of trade to qualify for E1. For E2, the investment should be a substantial amount to ensure business expansion and success in the US.
  • For profitability and sustainability, E2 visa applicants are required to create more income than is needed to support themselves and their dependents in the US. E1 applicants do not have such a requirement. 

Final Thoughts 

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