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Texas has everything that makes it a great place to live and work — affordable living costs, sunny weather, flourishing job market, and plenty of things to do and see. So, it’s not surprising that the Lone Star state is a great option for attracting a migrant population.

However, immigration laws are complex with evolving legal guidelines, new laws, administrative policies, and regulations. If you are a non-citizen in the state or planning to move here, you must know your rights and stay within the bounds of the law to avoid immigration difficulties. This is where an immigration lawyer in Houston can help.

Why You Need an Immigration Attorney

The federal government enforces stringent immigration laws for border protection and to regulate the entry of individuals, refugees, and high risk individuals to protect its citizens.

The federal government sets clear guidelines on who can enter, how long they are permitted to stay, and when they should leave.  In other words, these laws pertain to regulations and policies regulating immigration into and from the U.S. They also include the allocation of immigrant visas, procedures for granting immigrant status, citizenship, control over refugee admissions, situations where you can find yourself at odds with law enforcement agencies as an immigrant, etc.

Simply put, immigration can be a long-drawn and complicated process. For something as crucial as this, you can’t afford to settle for mediocrity when hiring an immigration attorney in Houston.

Are you in search of the best immigration lawyers in Houston? Turn to Salinas Law Firm, where our excellent legal team specializes in immigration matters. We provide personalized and effective solutions, guiding you smoothly through every legal hurdle to achieve your immigration goals with confidence and ease.

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Get Top Immigration Lawyers on Your Side

It’s important you have the guidance and counsel of top immigration lawyers in Houston when navigating the immigration laws and policies.

Here are some signs to look for when finding the right attorney for your case.

1) Are They Accessible? 

Make it a priority to hire someone who will be available to address your calls, questions, and concerns. They should be prompt in returning your calls, answering your emails, or text messages. Doing so will speak volumes about the professional integrity of the attorney. Beware of immigration lawyers who pretend to be too busy than they actually are.

2) Are they experienced in Immigration Laws? 

You do not want to be a guinea pig, right? It is always better and more sensible to hire an attorney who has the experience of handling immigration cases and has been in the business for a long time. Experienced lawyers are well-versed with the changes in immigration policies and regulations and are equipped to provide you with the best counsel.

3) Do They Provide Clear Estimates? 

Immigration cases take months or years to settle. A professional legal firm will be clear about the estimated expense during the proceedings and will set reasonable fees. They will hand out a clear list of anticipated charges containing government filing fees and legal service fees, without any other hidden costs. Numerous attorneys attract clients initially with small fee claims but keep increasing additional charges as time rolls by, confounding their clients and putting them in a bind, and causing them financial pain.

4) Do they Provide Free Access to Case Files? 

You need to have free access to your case file.  Be cautions if an attorney refuses you to have access to your files. An ethical lawyer should not do that; they will present you with scanned copies of documents filed and received from the immigration office.

5) Do They Have a Web Presence? 

Be cautions of a lawyer who professes holding years of experience in handling immigration cases but has no online presence. You can never be fully assured and confident about a lawyer unless you have reviewed their profile and client testimonials online, and have made a reasonable assessment of their professional credibility.

6) Do They Provide a Signed Agreement? 

A professional immigrant attorney will handle their client's affairs with integrity and unambiguity. They will provide a legal services agreement that will outline the legal services they will provide to you. A legal services agreement will help protect you from getting deceived by an attorney’s false promises, exaggerated claims, and underperformance.

7) Do They Have Results to Back Their Claims?

Many claim to be the best in the business. However, you should exercise caution in selecting an attorney whose advertisements make big promises or are used to scare potential clients. An experienced immigration lawyer will stay away from making empty promises because immigration matters are case-specific and not generic. A competent attorney will explain to you the anticipated potential issues without beating around the bush.

8) Do They Communicate Well? 

Finally, choose an attorney who is not only an effective speaker but is exceptionally professional at handling communication via e-mail, text, phone call, or even in-person consultation.

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At Salinas Law Firm, we are honest and transparent.  We have more than 15 years of immigration experience representing clients across Texas and the U.S.

We have a competent legal team comprising of one of the best immigration lawyers in Houston. Our qualified team and experienced attorney will give personal attention to each individual client case. By doing so, we focus our energies on ensuring a favorable outcome to the case at hand and never compromise on our ethical standards. We employ effective and creative immigration strategies to represent your case.

We believe in giving our ultimate best for every case and every client. No matter what, we stand by our immigrant communities and uphold their rights.

If you find yourself requiring legal assistance as an immigrant to the country, get in touch with us today!