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Applying for a visa & researching what employer you are going to be employed with is one of our top priorities before moving abroad. However, many people have another important priority which can make your life easier during your immigration process which is the “Immigration Lawyer”. Yes, we all need an Immigration Lawyer whose job is make sure we are properly guided and informed in order to ensure a smooth transition working & living overseas.

But when it comes to picking the right Immigration Lawyer in Houston, you may be overwhelmed with a lot of questions which are completely valid. To make your research process simpler & uncomplicated, we are here to help you with basic things to keep in mind to ensure you pick the best Immigration Lawyer for yourself.

1. Immigration Law Firm Background Check

As a human tendency we all go for word of mouth or merely rely on reviews or researching about Immigration Law Firm history. It is very important to make sure we read about firm history, how long it has been in existence, how many people it has served and are they qualified enough to give you the best service. A qualified law firm which is in existence over a good number of years can certainly make the way in your list.

2. Genuineness of Reviews

Once you have done research about firm history, the next step is to make sure that you read the reviews in order to understand clients’ feedback and how was their experience. While reading the reviews, make sure to check the number of positive reviews over negative reviews. Also, make sure to check in reviews that they are posted from genuine accounts which can be hinted from the name. Make sure to not only rely on Google Business reviews but also on Facebook page reviews as well.

3. Immigration Lawyer Background Check

Once you have selected the Law Firm after doing research about history and reviews, your next step is Selection of Immigration Lawyer who can either make or break your case and for that we need to spend the right amount of time in gathering basic details about the lawyer.  For example, is he qualified enough to represent your case, have good amount of experience in serving clients with best premier service & is transparent to share correct information about your legal rights & obligations with you. Once you have done research on these 3 steps, you have done more than 70% of the work.

4. Transparency in cost of service

Now comes the most crucial step where you have to be smart while paying the fees. You need to go through the website or schedule a consultation in order to learn about the fees and plans in order to make sure that the firm is maintaining transparency & honesty with you in giving you the best service at the correct rates. You just need to be active & clever while researching about cost of service where you can save your hard-earned money or end up spending a huge amount of money on an Immigration Lawyer.

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While doing research for finding a genuine Law Firm & transparent Lawyer, you will spend a few hours but here at Salinas Law Firm in Houston you are at complete peace of mind when it comes to genuineness, transparency and honesty of our firm. Our main priority at Salinas Law Firm is to serve clients with the best premier service possible at affordable rates so that our clients’ life is simpler & smoother during their immigration process and stay in the country.

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