The Complete Guide About What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do?

Did you choose Texas to live your American dream? With immense job opportunities and a comparatively lower cost of living, the state offers the lucrative proposition of enhancing your standard of living. 

But immigration is a complicated process, and it is unlikely that as a native of another country, you would be aware of the relevant laws and regulatory requirements. A Houston immigration lawyer can guide you with invaluable advice about the process and paperwork involved. 

Let's take a quick look at what an immigration lawyer in Houston does to help you in your immigration journey.

Analyze your immigration prospect

Immigration lawyers can help clients analyze their position as applicants for an immigration visa or Green Card and suggest appropriate strategies to maximise the chances for approval. More often than not, their guidance will ensure that you do not face an outright denial of your request and subsequent deportation. 

Navigating the confusing visa types

Whether you wish to immigrate to the USA on a non-immigrant work visa, or through one of the employment-based visas such as an EB-1A (Extraordinary Abilities) category visas, an experienced immigration attorney will help you choose the right one based on your qualifications. 

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Hand holding through the process

With experienced immigration lawyers taking charge of preparing the paperwork for your application, you can relax and rest assured that every step of the process will be explained to you and managed appropriately. From filling out the numerous forms to preparing statements and collecting evidence that clearly and consistently support your immigration application, the top immigration lawyers in Houston will handhold you through the complex journey.

Guidance in overcoming immigration roadblocks 

Lawyers with expertise in US immigration laws know every step in the process involved and the possible legal obstacles that may appear. Minimizing delays in the immigration process and foreseeing legal obstacles are their forte. Dealing with numerous visa applications regularly, they have the ingenuity to craft the best solution suited to each client. 

Visa renewal/ extension or change of status

Specific sets of rules govern each visa type. So if you need to renew or extend your visa, it is best to seek the legal advice from immigration lawyers who can help you with the appropriate steps to take. Moreover, if you wish to switch your existing visa type to another while in the USA, an experienced immigration lawyer can help you make the transition as smoothly as possible.

Able representation in Immigration Court

If you are in removal or deportation proceedings, your immigration lawyer will be able to represent you in court, argue on your behalf and deal with every procedural requirement within court deadlines so that you can avoid deportation and ultimately pursue your immigration goals. 

This perfunctory discussion doesn't encompass numerous other immigration-related intricacies that an able team of immigration professionals handles on a daily basis. 

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